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Edmontonís Cultural Capital Program

Edmonton wants to deliver the best ever Cultural Capitals of Canada Program by engaging people in every corner of our city. We want everyone to know, everywhere, that Edmonton is the Cultural Capital of Canada. As a result of a successful Cultural Capital year we also want to leave an enduring and positive legacy for the people of Edmonton.

In Edmonton arts, culture and heritage play a vital and ever expanding role in supporting and sustaining our community — a community shaped by bold determination, a make up your mind and go for it mentality, and a love for people, arts, culture, heritage and community.

Benefits to Edmonton:

Edmonton’s designation as Cultural Capital of Canada recognizes and validates our tradition of excellence in arts and culture.

Enhanced arts and culture through the projects and programming we are delivering will increase Edmonton’s profile as Festival City, a centre of arts and cultural icons, and an oasis for creativity, innovation, exploration and achievement. We are the capital city of Alberta; now we have been singled out as the 2007 Cultural Capital of Canada.

Through Edmonton’s Cultural Capital program theme “Building Connections” we will strengthen connections with other communities and share cultural experiences.

The Cultural Capital designation enables our city and community to promote and invest more in arts and culture.

Edmonton – the 2007 Cultural Capital of Canada.
Building Connections to arts and culture for all Edmontonians.

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