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Edmonton Poetry Festival

September 17-23, 2007

Poetry has the power to connect Edmontonians with themselves, with each other, and with their city. Connections occur through people engaging with poems and the images they evoke, through the shared experience of hearing poetry performed, and through the process of creating and refining work. Activities will be under the direction of Edmonton’s first Poet Laureate, Alice Major.

Components of the Poetry Festival:

Honour Songs, a specific initiative celebrating the contributions of Aboriginal women, past and present.

Poets Across Borders, an initiative that will identify meaningful ways to create poetry in both English and other languages.

Street from the Heart, an initiative to help at risk young people realize the empowering force of artistic expression.

In addition to these components there will be a number of highlight events including:

Poems in a dozen languages performed at City Hall
Poets connecting to thousands of students in classrooms
Scores of poets in restaurants and coffee shops
Hip-hop electrifying the stage.

The Poetry Festival will also include a two day symposium titled Word! Symposium: talk, poetry and performance (September 21-22) with poets from Edmonton and beyond.