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Edmonton Explorations: a grant program for individual artists

This is a grant program intended for individual artists in all artistic disciplines. In Edmonton we invest in artists of today to foster the arts and cultural community of tomorrow.

To explore something is to investigate the unknown. This is the aim of an explorer — to share something new with the world and to expand the ways in which we understand ourselves and the world around us. This, in essence, is the goal of the Edmonton Explorations grant program.

In every act of creation, there is an element of exploration. Through this grant program we aim to engage artists in a process of investigation that will bring new and exciting experiences, ideas, connections and understanding to our community.

Over the course of the next year, grant money will be dispersed to individual artists in Edmonton. We want to foster in particular, the development of unknown or under-recognized talent, encouraging these artists to come forward. Such individuals may have exceptional ability but have not yet fully realized their potential. But, this grant is also an opportunity for established artists, who want to address their audiences in fresh new ways.

True to the spirit of this grant, we encourage artists to apply in ways that best express their creative vision. While traditional written applications will be accepted, we will also consider applications that are created using less conventional mediums such as audio and video.

Edmonton artists have two opportunities to apply for an Edmonton Explorations grant. The dealine for receiving Grant Applications is October 1, 2007. All of the projects funded through the Edmonton Explorations grant program will be presented to Edmonton audiences over the course of 2007 and 2008.

Please be aware that the creation deadline for applicants successful in the October 1st Explorations Grants round is June 1st, 2008 (not June 30th, 2008).

Guidelines and application form at

Edmonton Explorations Grant: grant recipients July, 2007

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