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Posted on 9/24/2007 by Amy Fung


Scythe, choregraphed by Amber Borotsik in collaboration with partner Jesse Gervais, Jason Carnew and Linda Turnbull had the audience pleasantly murmuring in between bites of pie during its post-opening reception.

Whether you see Scythe as dance-based theatre piece or narrative dance piece, or whether if that should even be an issue, the work as a whole was firmly rooted in an organic creation process between Borotsik et al, who but for Turnbull, all move fluidly and frequently between theatre and dance. In turn, Turnbull was in good company as she stepped up in the narrative moments of this largely movement-based work.

The need to categorize the discpline is only an afterthought it seems, as the piece undoubtly touched the audience and expressed an original voice that was highly conscious of its prairie surroundings. Setting the stage at a bare minimal, with an intricate lighting design by Kerem Cetinel, Borotsik makes the experimental highly accessible and estranges the status quo standards of performance into high art. Prairie life as portrayed by artists is finally catching up with contemporary times, and perhaps our classification of discplines can also catch up with our contemporary multidiscplinary era.




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